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work conditioning


Work Conditioning utilizes sports performance based techniques along side Physical Therapy principles to assist in your recovery from injury. The goal of work conditioning is to restore your work performance safely and promptly. The work conditioning program is specifically designed to restore your pre-injury function through an intense rehabilitation program that addresses your work requirements. Each program is individually designed to help you reach your goals and decrease risk of future injury.


Work Conditioning consists of:

  • Body mechanics and prevention strategies

  • Functional activities specific to your job tasks

  • Recommendations for job accommodations and/or ergonomic changes

  • Holistic approach to strengthening and conditioning

  • Patient education

Personalized Physical Therapy is also available through our hybrid program which incorporates a combination of work conditioning and Physical Therapy.


Physical Therapy consists of:

  • Injury specific treatment

  • Work simulation

  • Patient education on injury prevention strategies


Who is appropriate for Work Conditioning?

Work conditioning is appropriate for individuals receiving from a work related injury who:

  • Are not working full duty

  • Are no longer in the early stages of injury/therapy

  • Have a goal to return to work

  • Are willing to participate

  • Have physical restrictions preventing return to work

  • Are referred by a physician


What happens after an injury?

When you return to work after being off for an extended period of time due to an injury, the body becomes de-conditioned which places you at higher risk for re-injury. Studies show the likelihood of returning to work decreases the longer an employee is off work due to injury.



Program Highlights

Job Simulation: A replication of daily job tasks that you perform with modification made based on your functional abilities.

Strength training: A routine to improve the strength of your muscles to allow you  to return to work and perform your job task appropriately.

Cardiovascular Training: increase your endurance to tolerate a full work shift and improve productivity while working.

Stretching: to aide in muscle recovery and improve your range of motion.

Core Strengthening: to improve body mechanics and protect your from future injury.

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