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Massage Therapy



This techniques utilizes oil to lubricate the skin and a variety of stroke techniques can be used depending on the style of the massage therapist. This type of massage is the most common and is considered to be the most relaxing.  It involves long, fluid strokes of muscles and tissues with pressure that varies from light to firm.


This technique is specific to women who are pregnant. The goal of this type of massage is to decrease many discomforts that go along with pregnancy. Pregnant women should consult with their physician before scheduling a massage. Nurturing and ideal for the mom-to-be.  Eliminate toxins and reduce stress.  Our gentle full-body, personalized therapeutic massage is beneficial to both the mother and the baby after the first trimester.

Deep Tissue

The focus with this type of massage is to get to the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body. The strokes are firm with the goal to relieve muscle tension and pain. Perfect for individuals with chronic pain or an injury.  Deep tissue massage will help get deep into your muscles and help relieve muscle tension and pain.

Trigger Point

A massage style that focuses on a tight area of the muscle called a trigger point or “knot”. The goal of this style is to alleviate pain caused from the trigger point. This style uses concentration of finger pressure on each trigger point to prevent muscle pain and spasms from reoccurring.


Uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body. Unique blend of assisted stretching, yoga, breath work, and massage.

Myofascial Release

Applying gentle pressure around the tissue that surrounds your muscle. The goal of this technique is to decrease pain and restore motion.



Slow and gentle massage that utilizes smooth, gliding strokes to help the individual relax.



Shiatsu is a form of therapeutic bodywork from Japan. It uses kneading, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques and is performed without oils through light, comfortable clothing. This type of massage is offered in Andover, Ham Lake and St. Francis Physical Therapy locations.


Medical Massage

Massage that is targeted to treat your pain and get you feeling better, faster. You will see a Physical Therapist for a brief screening prior to your massage appointment to determine address the painful areas.


Corporate Chair Massage

Learn more about our corporate chair massage services!

Come See Us!

We treat everybody but everyBODY is unique. We care about your needs & develop an individualized care plan that is fitting for YOU! You’ll feel welcomed instantly by our focus on building relationships, effectively listening to your needs, dedicated encouragement, and expert treatment.

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