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At Home Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy at Home is a program for individuals that are unable to come in to an outpatient clinic for Physical Therapy services due to mobility limitations related to injury or other health conditions.

Physical Therapy can help you stay independent as well as help to decrease the need for pain medication or surgery.


Physical Therapy at Home is appropriate if you meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • You are unable to drive

  • Do no have reliable means of transportation

  • Are unsafe to travel

  • Are at risk for falling

  • Live within a 10 mile radius of a clinic

  • Currently receive Home Health Services


The provider will bring equipment needed for the Physical Therapy session.

Caregivers such as family or Personal Care Attendants are welcome to attend sessions and partake in the treatments to assist you with a Home Exercise Program.

Initial evaluations by your Physical Therapist are performed in your home and are 45-60 minutes in length. You and your therapist will determine length and duration of the plan of care upon completion of the initial visit.

Additional appointments will be scheduled at your home and average 30-45 minutes in length. Many times Physical Therapy is started in the home and then transitioned to the clinic if you are able to.

Come See Us!

We treat everybody but everyBODY is unique. We care about your needs & develop an individualized care plan that is fitting for YOU! You’ll feel welcomed instantly by our focus on building relationships, effectively listening to your needs, dedicated encouragement, and expert treatment.

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